Sunday, June 12, 2011

Tool # 10


I like the way Diane has written about digital citizenship. I have added a link to her blog. She rocks!!!!

1. Discuss at least three things you would want to make sure your students understand about being good digital citizens. - I think the students need to be taught what is meant by digital citizenship. Also classroom discussion will be helpful. And lastly all resources need to be used, that is help from home will also play a role.
2. Share at least one of the resources mentioned above or on the Ed Tech website that you plan to use instructionally. - Vicki Davis's blog is a great resource.
3. Explain briefly how you would "teach" the idea of digital citizenship to your students & parents. - Classroom discussion, think pair and share and then we can share ideas using google docs. Parents on open house visit to the class would be a great time to talk to them about this topic. Also we can send a letter home too.http://digitalcitizenship.net/uploads/KidPledge1.pdf

4. Explain briefly how you plan to share the idea of digital citizenship with your parents.

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  1. I enjoyed reading this post. Add this contract to your current one. This one hold parents accountable: http://www.digitalcitizenship.net/uploads/ParentContract.pdf