Monday, June 13, 2011

Tool #11

All the tools that i used are great. As per the situation, I can use a particular tool. Best thing is that if that tool does not work, I can always go back to my toolbox and grab another. Using stupeflix for movies, comix for a short comic strip, voki for text to speech tool. Edmodo is one site that I will try to use with my kids. To keep my bookmarks, symbaloo was great. Blinkx was good. I liked the tube chop and snip snip for cutting my video and getting just what I need. Google docs are great and I will try using them next year also.
I got a little head start on this. I was in a pilot program and had to change my way of teaching to include teaching these digital natives. It is a learning process and I am learning something new everyday. It is great to move to a facilitator position instead of a lecturer.
There are so many resources out there. I am just overwhelmed with all this. Will I be able to use all this and still be able to teach my subject also? Will I be able to keep up? I realized that making a blog was easy and having started my PLN, I will be able to get more ideas and help from everywhere.


  1. You finished, well done! I enjoyed your blog!

  2. I am sitting here trying to figure out tool 2, so this is just a test. I may have to read all your posts to figure out how to do this. Hope you are feeling better and having a nice summer. LGO

  3. It is a lot and you do have to pick and choose your tools. It is great to have so many choices - will help keep the level of engagement up.

    Congrats on being finished!

  4. Lucky you got to finish this during the summer! I wish I would have had that option! I like your background, too. Glad to see you on here, especially when the only time I see you is when we have science meetings. I may be coming to you for help since you have already finished this, even though I did 23 things and 11.5 things a few years ago. TAke care!

  5. Commenting on your blog for my tool #2!!